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Leader Responsibilities: 6. Analyze Results & Reflect with the Team

Key Word: D)Evaluation (Looking at the good and bad)

Answers the question: What needs improvement?

Scriptures: Luke 10:17-19; Actus 14:21-22; Luke 2:20

A Leader must analyze results and reflect with the team. Leaders can obtain regular evaluation through scheduled reports and team meetings. It should be a routine practice and process of any leader and team to report, analyze and reflect, both during a project as well as at the end. This process helps a leader keep track of the “pulse” of what is going on.

Just like our pulse can reveal a lot about us and how well we function in certain activities or respond to certain situations, a “pulse” in the Organization/Team can reveal what’s going well and where there may be issues. The best way to take ‘the pulse’ is when team members willingly and honestly report ALL the facts. Without insight and facts a leader and team can make wrong steps, but as the team presents facts and reports results, the leader will have a clearer picture of how the team and organization is functioning. Those results help leaders assess themselves and their teams to see whether objectives are being met, and then adjust/redirect as necessary. It is also an opportunity for the team to identify areas needing attention and propose ideas.

This assessment process should be ongoing as a team implements plans and completes assignments. Personally I find these reflection times interesting and fun; in looking back we have always seen ways we could change or improve as we move forward.

All of this makes way for us to be more effective in doing God’s Kingdom business.


Final Questions for you:

Consider these for yourself and for your team.

  • What are steps you can take to incorporate these lessons into your life and leadership?

  • Are there some adjustments that your team will need to make for this to work?

  • How long do you think this will take to implement?

  • Do you have an Organizational Chart for your organization? Is it clearly laid out for your team(s)?

Not all leader re created equal
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