Leader Responsibilities: 1. Clearly Communicate Vision & Direction

Key Word: Direction

Answers the question: Where are we going?

Scriptures: Exodus 18:20; Mark 1:1; Habakkuk 2:2-3

A Leader must receive vision and direction, then clearly communicate that vision and direction to the team. This might mean God’s Vision, Mandates, or Assignments that He has for a church, ministry, or a team. It could be a simple goal the leader has for the organization or team. This could also be a certain culture we want to establish—something like being on time or how we talk to each other.

Whatever we expect, we must direct.

A leader’s question to God is: “God, what do You want us to do?”, “Who do You want us to be?”, or “Where do You want us to go?”

Leaders must be able to receive God’s wisdom and direction on what He wants. Then they must learn to articulate that wisdom and direction clearly to those on their team. You can’t turn something into a mission if you have unclear direction. Ask questions before moving on to verify that everyone is on the same page.

If you are on a team, much of your direction will come from your leader. The team’s responsibility then is to be dedicated and engaged in carrying it out: commit to the processes, promote the culture, and advance that vision.

Direction usually seems to get clearer over time, so don’t get frustrated if you only are clear about a next step. Continue seeking the Lord for His vision and then communicate the direction to the team.

Whatever we expect, we must direct.


The 6 Main Responsibilities of a Leader

  1. Clearly Communicate Vision & Direction

  2. Assemble & Build Teams

  3. Disciple the Individual & Team (Make them better)

  4. Request Proposals from the Team

  5. Review Proposals with the Team

  6. Analyze Results & Reflect with the Team