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Leader Responsibilities: 2. Assemble & Build Teams

Key Word: Discernment

Answers the question: Who are we going with?

Scriptures: Acts 6:1-7

A Leader must assemble and build teams of diverse and qualified leaders that can meet regularly. God doesn’t want us working alone; He wants us working in TEAMS.

When Jesus started His public ministry, what was one of the first things He did? He built a team. He was led to specific people, and after a season of training, He commissioned, equipped, and empowered them to Build the Church. Christ continues to use His disciples for this plan and purpose.

Later, in Acts 6, the Apostles needed to build a specific team for a specific purpose. They identified a certain character and skillset required for the team and then seven qualified men from among the disciples were selected. The Apostles appointed them as deacons in the church and empowered them to oversee specific aspects of ministry.

In the same way, the leader of the organization, such as the pastor, must assemble a team to BUILD with. This “Building” takes time together. In order to build a team and build with the team, you will need to meet regularly.

How often do you need to meet?

Some teams in an organization don’t need to meet very often - maybe once a month is fine. Other teams may need to meet every day or every week. A project team may need to meet more frequently during the course of a specific project. Priorities and deadlines often impact how often teams meet. Regardless, you need to meet as regularly as you need for success.

Frequent and effective communication (both inside and outside of meetings) can create much needed momentum. Arranging systems and processes that maintain and encourage communication in between meetings will help facilitate teamwork and keep the team moving forward.

Regardless of what “regularly” looks like in your context, it is important that the leader and the team members value and commit to meeting and working together.


Watch the following teaching to learn more about the Leader's Responsibility to Assemble & Build teams (3 min 34 sec).


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Lesson 2: Assemble & Build Teams


The 6 Main Responsibilities of a Leader

  1. Clearly Communicate Vision & Direction

  2. Assemble & Build Teams

  3. Disciple the Individual & Team (Make them better)

  4. Request Proposals from the Team

  5. Review Proposals with the Team

  6. Analyze Results & Reflect with the Team


Not all leader re created equal
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