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Leader Responsibilities: 5. Review Proposals with the Team

Key Word: Deliberation

Answers the question: Who will do what and when?

Scriptures: Exodus 18:22-24; 1 Chronicles 13:1-2

A Leader must review proposals, then redirect or approve proposals with the team. Every leader needs to make decisions, and informed decisions are best. Getting information from our teams is the best way for us to get the most accurate information. It is the leader’s responsibility to give direction and the team’s responsibility to propose solutions. A leader can then prayerfully review what the team has submitted. Reviewing proposals is a leader’s responsibility, but can also be a team activity. A leader can request certain proposals to be presented and reviewed in a team meeting with team feedback.

Once the team submits these proposals, there must be a decision: will these be approved or sent back to the team for additional work? The leader always has the final say.

Some things to consider when looking over proposals:

  • Do the purpose and goals of the proposal line up with the Organization/Team purpose and objectives?

  • Does the Organization/Team have the necessary people, time, and resources to carry it out right now?

  • What would you potentially miss out on by not acting on the recommendation?

Once the decision is made, that discussion is over and the team can begin discussing next steps.

If something cannot be approved, then we must be honest with the team about why. This might be an opportunity for the team to do more research, think further, and grow more.

When proposals are approved, it is then the team’s responsibility to execute those proposals. The team can begin implementing plans and decisions—each member assigned and knowing what their responsibilities are.


Watch the following teaching to learn more about the Leader's Responsibility to Review Proposals with the Team (1 min 44 sec).


Mentoring Workbook:

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Lesson 5: Review Proposals with the Team


The 6 Main Responsibilities of a Leader

  1. Clearly Communicate Vision & Direction

  2. Assemble & Build Teams

  3. Disciple the Individual & Team (Make them better)

  4. Request Proposals from the Team

  5. Review Proposals with the Team

  6. Analyze Results & Reflect with the Team


Not all leader re created equal
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