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About us


We all want to lead our church, business, ministry, team, and even our own lives in the right way. Does the Bible teach a bulletproof leadership system that can really do that? 

We believe the Bible is crystal clear about leadership just as much as any other subject, but what so many people struggle with is how to lead and to build the Body of Christ.

The Church Building System (or “TCBS”) has been developed to help Church Leaders clearly understand how to actually lead with the responsibility God has given them. 

John F. GRunewald

John Grunewald has been a Pastor in the USA and Germany where he learned how important a leadership system was in order to build the church.


Now he is the director of Bible Schools all over Europe and Africa and the #1 way they have seen growth is through the teaching and execution of The Church Building System.


David Scholing

David Scholing has a background in high-level athletics and then later became a Pastor in The Netherlands.


He now spends his time coaching, teaching, and training church leaders. He is a developer, consultant, and trainer for The Church Building System. His goal is to get this framework to as many people as possible.


What is the church building system?

So many people in leadership struggle knowing how to execute what the Bible says... which can be really frustrating. We believe that everyone should know the steps they need to take in order to build the Church successfully.


The Church Building System (or “TCBS”) is a Biblical framework for leadership. It is a complete system that teaches someone how to be an effective leader.

What is TCBS?

Subjects covered in standard workshops:

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