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Equipping people
who build the church

Get connected!

A Framework that Trains you to Grow in Leadership & To Build TeamS

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Are you ready to take

a new step in leadership?

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Do you need more people

but wonder where to get them?

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Do your teams need help

moving the vision forward?

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Are you stuck doing all the work and don't know how to shift to leading? 

As leaders, we used to try to do all the work and all the thinking... 

and then we got stuck. 

We weren't growing and we were struggling to build teams. 


When we discovered these principles, it helped us and our teams grow. 

We're sure it can help you too. 


Check out some free resources. 

Ways we can help you:

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Monthly Coaching & Content

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Training Workshops 

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VTS: Voorgangers Toerusting School (Dutch)

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the church building system works for:

  • Pastors

  • Business leaders

  • Volunteers

  • Staff

  • Team members

  • Anyone working with people!

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In-person & online

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