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The 6 Main Responsibilities of a Team 

Every organization needs teams that work and function well together.

For God, Teams are a priority. When He created man in Genesis, He made sure man was not alone. When He walked the earth as a man Himself, He built a team of disciples. Jesus is the Head of the Church, and Believers are part of the Body of Christ. Team isn’t just an important concept, it is who we are created to be and what we are created to function as. As such, we should know how to operate well as a team.

The following training will describe the main responsibilities of a team and show a process that, when worked, develops teams and leaders in all levels of an organization.

For it to work effectively, teams and leaders must be dedicated and engaged… to all the points listed below. Buy-in is critical to a team’s effectiveness and success. Keeping perspective on the Big Picture helps prevent tunnel vision. Team members that understand the purpose of the organization, and their purpose within the organization will be much more likely to dedicate themselves to fulfilling the vision and mandates and to engage with those they work alongside.

Key Scriptures:

  • Exodus 17, 18, and 31

  • Acts 6 & 11

  • 2.Timothy 2:2

  • Habakuk 2:1-4

  • Ephesians 4:11-16

6 Main Responsibilities of a Team

  1. Advance the Vision

  2. Promote the Culture

  3. Understand your Function

  4. Commit to the Processes

  5. Submit & Execute Proposals

  6. Analyze & Report Results

Watch the following teaching to learn more about the 6 Main Responsibilities of a Team and how they fit within the overall System of Building the Church.


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