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Team Responsibilities: 2. Promote the Culture

Scriptures: Proverbs 15:22

A Team must Promote the Desired Culture. Culture supersedes vision. Many leaders have a big vision but never make headway because they can’t build the necessary culture. What culture are we talking about here? Where does this culture come from? Culture is who we are and what we promote in our teams and organization. This is not just the team leader’s responsibility, the team holds itself accountable as well.

There is:

  • Kingdom Culture (Bible-based. The Word of God should help determine culture)

  • Organization Culture

  • Leader Culture (Leaders have preferences that influence team culture)

  • Nations, governments, families have cultures that can influence people and teams

Does everyone buy into the Culture? No. It requires change for most people to buy into a culture. That change can take some time, depending on how receptive a person is to the desired Team and Organizational Culture.

An old saying goes, "Growth without change is impossible". We could also say, “Growth without improvement is impossible”.

When faced with change, there are usually 3 types of people:

  • Those who resist change, improvement, and culture

  • Those who tolerate change, improvement, and culture

  • Those who embrace change, improvement, and culture

Embracing the culture turns into promoting the culture. People can love the vision and still damage a team, ministry, or organization just by not embracing and promoting the established culture. That’s a big deal and worth thinking about.

Once a culture is established, it is everyone’s job to promote it in every level of an organization. What does this culture include? Beliefs, mentalities, the way we talk, the way we interact, the way we treat each other, the system we have within teams, listening to each other, asking questions.

For example, in our teams, we hold all team members (both employees and volunteers) to the same basic standards. Why? Because this is discipleship, not just work. As we said, adjusting things like “volunteer mentality” to match our culture can take time.

When the culture is not promoted, it begins showing up in attitudes and emotions. If there are any gaps in discipleship, then they will show up eventually. We can help people mature when they want to grow.

As a team member, you are responsible for promoting the desired culture.


6 Main Responsibilities of a Team

  1. Advance the Vision

  2. Promote the Culture

  3. Understand your Function

  4. Commit to the Processes

  5. Submit & Execute Proposals

  6. Analyze & Report Results


Not all leader re created equal
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