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Team Responsibilities: 6. Report and Analyze Results

Scriptures: Luke 17

A Team is responsible for Reporting and Analyzing Results. Reporting, analyzing, and reflecting, should happen within scheduled meetings as well as through regularly scheduled written reports such as project reports and financial reports.

There’s an old saying: “Whatever we expect we must inspect".

What are the processes and procedures? What is our culture and our standards? Is every team member modeling and replicating? All of these areas need to be monitored and evaluated regularly.

A leader needs facts from the team to make informed decisions. A team must be able to report on their area of responsibility and analyze those results together. This would include timely reporting of any obstacles or hindrances that would, or could, take away from an agreed upon completion date. This helps the leader and team to take the pulse of each area in the organization, and listen for the vital signs of results and behavior. If there is an area that is doing well, it is something to celebrate. If there is an area having issues, it needs to be addressed.

Regular reporting during projects helps teams stay on top of timelines and to-do’s and is a good opportunity to remind everyone WHY the team is doing what they are doing.

Feedback and evaluations are important after projects and events are complete. Bringing feedback, input and recommendations for improvement will help the team propose and plan for next steps.


Final Questions for you:

Consider these for yourself and for your team.

  • What are steps you can take to incorporate these lessons into your life and leadership?

  • Are there some adjustments that your team will need to make for this to work?

  • How long do you think this will take to implement?

  • Do you have a Team/Project Management Platform you use for your organization?

    • If yes, how active is your team on it?

  • Do you have clear procedures for submitting proposals and reports?


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