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Being the Church

"Upon this rock I will build My Church"

- Matthew 16:18

As pastors, we love it when people COME to church to worship and experience God, and when we see lives changed through the Word and Spirit of God. It might be a bigger challenge, however, to make them realize that they ARE the church. When believers only go to church, much of what we all find important will actually only be done by a small group of people, and it can be a challenge to find more who are willing and capable to help out with the same eagerness and readiness.

I remember a time when I was really stuck in my leadership role, and to see that I was the one who needed to grow in the area of leadership in order to let the church grow (in quality and quantity). I saw the necessity to become equipped and trained and to pass this on to our leaders and church members. I needed an input and output to develop myself more and better into leadership.

I saw more and more that not only doing the work of the ministry, but also leadership development, needed to happen to be able to build the Church, the Body of Christ. Now I can recommend this to everyone who wants to go from just doing maintenance, being stuck, and/or moving from beyond your current situation. We need to challenge ourselves.

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

- Ken Blanchard

More than I liked to admit it as a pastor, it was very tough to change a culture that so many church members were used to (where some were doing too much and most not much at all), and realizing it was my job to help them by turning it into ‘we do it all together’. I needed help to SEE how to make this happen. I knew what I had to do, because of the vision the Lord had given me. However, how to do this, how to make this happen, was quite blurry. I had to develop myself as a leader from the perspective of BUILDING the Body of Christians. This perspective changed everything for me and the church in a very positive way.

Knowing the Biblical way of church leadership, teamwork, and organization will excel the vision God has given you as the pastor. It will help you to see in what stage you’re actually in, and how strong a stage actually is. It’s like the bones of the Body of Christ. If there’s enough meat (people), we also need to learn to grow our organization (bones), in order to be able to move (produce more fruit, do, have great, more and better results than before).

Building a strong foundation, knowing how to make more teams and more and better leaders, will be needed to discover, develop and deploy the giftings and callings in Christ being present at church. Believers are highly motivated when being positioned correctly, in a place on a team where they can develop and do at the same time.

We want to help you by providing the step-by-step methodology about how to build your church (or ministry organization), not to just have church or to lead church.

We provide (online and live) SEMINARS, offer Biblical SOLUTIONS and SUPPORT in order for you to make progress from where you are right now.

We would love to connect with you! Sign up to our email list or contact us if you have any questions.

David Scholing


Not all leader re created equal
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